Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve, 12/24/2015

During this holiday season, I am feeling overwhelmed with immense gratitude for my life's blessings. The opportunity we have in our retirement years to travel our beautiful country is, honestly, a dream come true.

I am awed by the beauty, power, and serenity of our Mother Earth. Every place we visit has its own interesting story to tell. I have come to appreciate all there is to see in the towns, cities, and states we have visited including one-room local museums, impressive large art museums, historic military sites and museums, our amazing National Park System (400 sites) of parks, monuments, historic sites, recreational areas, the National Wildlife Refuges (550 sites). and state and local parks. I continue to be impressed by those before us who had the foresight to preserve these treasures for the enjoyment of future generations. 

At the same time, I miss our family and friends in so many different locations. I always loved hosting Christmas morning brunch and dinner at our house. Putting the leaves in the dining room table, we could squeeze everyone in for a place at the table. A billiards competition was always at play while watching Christmas movies in the great room with a fire in the fireplace (albeit gas). There was good food and drink throughout!

We will connect with our kids on Christmas morning while they open the gifts we sent to them. This is our very favorite part of the day. I also enjoy seeing John open the goofy stuff I got for him. Sadie has her little gifts in her stocking, as always, too. We have the makings for mimosas (my favorite morning cocktail) AND bloody marys (in memory of Aunt Lou, of course) on Christmas morning, too. 

On this magical night, Christmas Eve, we are sending you our heartfelt wishes for happiness, love, and prosperity.

Kathy, John, and Sadie (woof!)

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