Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tide Pools at Cabrillo National Monument, 1/27/2016

Mesmerized by the beauty of the tide pools that can be seen at low tide during the winter months here, we made a second visit to the Cabrillo National Monument. Because it was a weekday, the parking situation was much better than our previous visit and we found a space right away. 

Dogs are permitted on the trail but we left Sadie in the car this time. (She can be a little too rambunctious sometimes.)

Views of the beautiful Pacific coastline.

These anemones were so interesting. You are permitted to gently touch the tide pool wildlife with one finger. The anemones immediately respond to a touch and seem to attempt to grasp your finger. Very cool. We also saw lots of small crabs in the pools.

A park ranger pointed out the tiger sharks swimming in the area. Here is a photo of a small one (if you can make it out); some were much larger and there were lots of them in this area.

This little guy was skittering across a rock to get to go from one pool to another. I was surprised at his speed! Goose-necked barnacles can be seen in abundance on the cliffs. 

Admission to the Cabrillo National Monument is $10/vehicle (our senior pass gets us in for free). There is a lot more to see here as described in a previous post, but on this trip we came back to see the tide pools.



  1. you never know what you will find in the tidal pools... love that park

  2. Yes! We found the marine life fascinating.