Saturday, March 11, 2017

Davis Island Dog Parks, 3/06/2017

After taking care of some administrative stuff (like taxes, DMV, etc.), we drove to Davis Island to check out the dog parks there. There are two off-leash dog parks here: one is a fenced area (an section for large dogs and another smaller area for small dogs) and the other is a beach (also fenced).

We let our sweet doggie, Sadie, do some running in the land-based park first where she made some new friends. Playing chase is her favorite activity at these parks...

This dog sculpture was donated by the family and friends of Kathleen Elizabeth Hogan (1971-2013) in her memory. There is also a dedication wall and garden (although there really is not a garden anymore). Individuals can purchase memorial  plaques for their beloved pets (really like this idea!)

Tampa Bay is just beyond the fenced area of the dog park. 

Across the street is a beach for humans (no dogs permitted). There were only a few people on it due to the cloudy conditions. 

The marina seen in the distance is the Davis Island Yacht Club (private). 

The dog beach is located a short distance away (beyond the boat ramp). In 2013 the boat ramp was repaired/replaced and artificial reef modules were installed at the dog beach to reduce the sand erosion caused by passing ships. This photo of the dog beach was taken from the dock. 

There is one double-gated entrance/exit to the beach dog park. Sadie started running and playing with the other dogs as soon as John took off her leash. They all had a blast. And as has been our experience at other dog parks, there were no doggie fights. 

We visited the park on a Monday afternoon and there were not too many dogs, but I heard that it was usually packed on weekends. There is only one picnic table and two benches for seating, so bring your own chairs or towels if you plan to stay for a while. 

Sadie had a great time here. There is an area to hose down your dog (or give them a bath) after they go swimming (which we used to get some of the sand out of Sadie's heavy coat). While these parks are very enjoyable for the dogs, they are not very well maintained and, as usual, some owners just don't clean up after their pets (disgusting). Nonetheless, I am most appreciative for the dog-friendly parks in the Tampa Bay Area including this one. 

Also, the water quality of Davis Island Beach (the human beach) is checked every two weeks. Because these beaches are near an industrial area, you can check the water quality before you visit at this link:  

As we walked back to the car, the late afternoon sun provided lovely views of Davis Island Beach and the marina.

Sadie settled in for a nap as soon as she got into the car for our 40-minute drive back to Lutz. Dog beaches can be so exhausting for her!

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