Monday, July 18, 2016

Reconnecting with RV Friends, 7/15/2016

During our winter stay in Yuma, we met another couple, Mike and Trini, during our morning walks in the desert. Sadie, our doggy, became fast friends with them, always anxious to run up and greet them when she saw them in the distance. And, we became friends with them as well!

They have a beautiful piece of property and home north of Kettle FallsWA (that is about an hour north of where we are staying in Spokane) where they live during the warm months of the year. Since we connected on Facebook, we remain in contact and made plans to get together when we were in the area. 

We met in Kettle Falls and had a fun tour of the area where both of them grew up and where their families live. We went to their home where we really enjoyed the beautiful gardens and grounds. They put in so much work to maintain the yard that their place is really a treat to see.  

Their property overlooks gorgeous Lake Roosevelt

As soon as Sadie saw the water, she ran down the steep bank to jump in! What a treat for her. 

Here are some photos of the pond Trini built and some of the beautiful plantings on the property.  

We walked down to the barn where Sadie had an interesting encounter with their two kitty cats. She wanted to play but they would have none of that! Mike and Trini's winter home (the RV) can also be seen in the photo below.

We went into their lovely home where we had snacks and cocktails. There are fantastic views of the lake from the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom that open out onto their porch. 

Mike and Trini took us to dinner (thank you very much!) in Colville. Trini and I had the fish and chips and they were delicious. We had a great time catching up with each other and plan to get together one more time before we leave the Spokane area. This is clearly one of the many benefits we enjoy with our RV lifestyle...making new friends and reconnecting with them in various parts of the country. 

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