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An RV Christmas with Amanda, !2/24-25/2017

For the first time since 2009, Amanda was able to spend Christmas with us! Theatre jobs are always busy around the holidays, but this year we are in Galveston and Amanda is now living in Houston. She came to Galveston Christmas Eve and stayed with us two nights. It was a sunny day, so we decided to check out Pleasure Pier

Before the entering the amusement park on the pier is a Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant (is that Forrest? Haha). There is also one ride in the front part as well, the Gulf Glider.

There are a variety of package deals for tickets to the rides on the pier. There is an entrance fee (per person) to walk on to the pier ($10/adult). Tickets for individual rides can also be purchased. Amanda primarily wanted to see the double decker carousel and other attractions on the historic pier. John and I had visited here in 2015 ( 

There are lots of fun “animals” to ride on the carousel: a dolphin, lion, dragon, and shark are a few. 

 But my personal favorite is this classic carousel horse.

Below is a map of the amusement rides on Pleasure Pier. A major renovation was completed 2011. 

We didn’t ride any but enjoyed checking them out. 

Amanda won a stuffed animal at Whack-a-Mole on the first try. (I didn’t do as well). But I did win something at the booth where they guess your age! 

There are great views of the Gulf of Mexico and the town of Galveston from the pier.

Driving west on Seawall Boulevard, we stopped for a few minutes to see the 1900 Storm Sculpture (by David W. Moore). It is a memorial to the memory of the 6,000 who lost their lives in Galveston in 1900. Also located here is a plaque recognizing the National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark of the Galveston Seawall and Grade Raising. After the worst national disaster in US history (the Great Storm of 1900), engineers designed and built a concrete seawall and raised the elevation of Galveston Island. Initially (1902-1904) the seawall was built along 3.3 miles of the Gulf Coast creating a 17’ high barrier. It was subsequently extended along 10+ miles of the coast. 

As we drove home, we stopped to snap a photo of this interesting house. While some say it is made from a a spherical oil tank, others contend it is made from an abandoned water tower (the bottom part of the water tank and the cover). Known as the Kettle House, it was reportedly built in the 1950s. It appears to be vacant now, but there are water and electric hook ups that were functional at some point. It’s an unusual sight!

We spent Christmas Eve at home (our RV) and had a Christmas movie marathon (It’s a Wonderful LifeLove Actually, and Polar Express) after a yummy steak dinner. It was so fun to have Amanda with us to open gifts Christmas morning! Sadie was as thrilled as we were!

Amanda got a new helmet for work (hard hat needed for rigging), a a cajon box (with assorted accessories); a fancy Wusthof chef’s knife (she loves cooking), and some other small stuff.

Santa brought John stuff for his backpack for our hiking adventures and a new cozy bathrobe for cold mornings. John got me a beautiful new bracelet (something I don’t need, but love), my favorite perfume (Beautiful) and other nice stuff. One of my favorite gifts was stemless wine glasses from Amanda. And Sadie had fun checking out what was in her stocking.

We had a festive Christmas ham with all of the fixings for dinner. I made this appetizer...It’s a wreath of fresh rosemary with olives (my favorite), mozzarella balls cherry tomatoes, and gherkins. 

With Christmas cocktails starting with mimosas in the morning, more movies, and games, it was a great day filled with lovelaughter, and fun!

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