Sunday, October 11, 2015

Theft!! -10/10/2015

We started the day with a visit to Quail Creek State Park. There is a large reservoir where people enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, water skiing, fishing, and swimming. We went to a location along the beach where dogs are permitted. Sadie had a blast running in and out of the water. And I had fun taking photos of the beautiful setting. After a couple of hours, we packed up and drove to the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park.

There is a Visitor Center at Kolob Canyon (the entrance is less than a mile east of I-15). We drove the 5-mile scenic highway stopping at several locations along the way to snap photos of the amazing sandstone cliffs and canyons found here. Be sure not to miss this part of Zion National Park if you visit Zion Canyon.

I have been wanting to find a new comforter set for our bedroom, so we continued north on I-15 to Cedar Cit,  UT, where there is a TJ Maxx.  Both John and I went in the store, leaving our dog, Sadie, with plenty of water in our locked car with the windows partially down. John left the store first to check on Sadie while I continued to do some shopping. He promptly returned to see if I had my iPad with me. I had left it in the car.

We quickly realized that a thief had broken into our car and taken my Nikon camera and accessories, iPad Air 2 and case with bluetooth keyboard, and our Passport America book (we had stamps and stickers from the 60+ National Parks, Monuments, Battlefields, Historic Sites, etc. we have visited in the last year and a half). The only saving grace is that they did not take our beloved dog! We still cannot believe she did not bark at the intruder...maybe he gave her some treats.

The other positive aspect of this disaster was the Cedar City police officer, Cpl. N. Williams, who responded to our call. He was very professional and very helpful to us. When I contacted AT&T to obtain the serial number of my iPad, he even let me use his PC to try to track it down via the iCloud website. Cpl. Williams also sent us an email by the time we were back home to our RV. I have since sent him additional information on the stolen items. We know that he will be in touch with us, if, per chance, anything is ever found. We very much apprecicated his help.

So, I close this post with no photos (very unhappy that I lost some on both my camera and iPad). Until I have replacement devices (hopefully this week), I will not be posting much (if anything) on our blog. I expect to be back in business in a week's time.

Always lock your doors (well, we locked ours but the windows were not rolled up all the way). And keep an eye out for those sneaky, lying, thieving, cheating people out there in this world.
Our Passport America book was only valuable to us! We cannot fully replace it. And my iPad security code is my thumbprint; not sure how anyone can use it. Arrghhhhhh.

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