Friday, November 13, 2015

30th Annual London Bridge Seaplane Classic, 11/13/2015

This weekend (11/13-11/15/2015) the 30th Annual London Bridge Seaplane Classic is being held on Windsor Beach at Lake Havasu State Park. The event is described as a "pageant of aerial hi-jinx." Miniature plane enthusiasts gather here to showcase their gas or electric (i.e., battery) operated models. 

The remote-controlled, mini-replica planes are of all sizes and shapes. About 45 pilots participate in the event. 

We arrived around 10 am (the event starts at 8 am each day) and had the opportunity to see many planes in flight. The beach area is reserved for the pilots.

Many airplanes are larger in size than we had expected. 

There is a pier at the south end of the beach where we went to snap some photos. Here are some photos of planes in flight.

It takes skill on the part of the pilot to assure safe water landings.

The first photo shows two planes and the next two of just the jet in flight. The jet was very fast and did all kinds of fun air acrobatics.

Here is one of the many planes that we saw taxi and then take off from the water. 

And we did see one minor accident (pilot error). A rescue boat was available to rescue the aircraft and return it to its owner for repair. 

As we walked around Windsor Beach, there were lots of models on display. Some were for sale (price tag around $1,500 for the yellow one on the right below) and others were being worked on by owners. 

Several vendors were selling planes and parts for the plane enthusiasts and others were selling food and drinks. What fun it was to see these seaplanes and learn a little more about this sport! The only expense to the event is admission to the state park. Our annual pass ($75) got us in at no additional cost.

If you are in the area and have the time, this is a really fun family event on the lovely shores of Lake Havasu.

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