Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Balloon Glow, 11/21/2015

The 25th Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival was held here in Yuma November 20-22. It is sponsored by Chretin Restaurant the Caballeros de Yuma. The Colorado River and Sonoran Desert provide the beautiful backdrop for ballooning here. The annual event featured sunrise launches from West Wetlands Park November 20 and 21, (although it was too windy the morning of the 21st for the launch). There were 42 balloon pilots participating this year.

Neither of us have ever been on a balloon ride, although I know I would love it. John, however, has no interest and says, "Absolutely not!" Regardless, they are always beautiful to see floating in the sky. 

One of the planned events this year was the Balloon Glow at the Ray Kroc Sports Complex. This sounded like fun so we decided to check it out. Admission was $1 plus a donation of non-perishable food item per guest. The event began at 3:00 pm with food, entertainment, vendors, and family fun. We arrived around 4:45 pm.

The teams arrived with their ballooning gear and began setting up in the field of the Desert Sun Stadium

We walked around checking out the vendors. Lots of families were in attendance with blankets and chairs to enjoy the Balloon Glow and Fireworks Show that followed it. We sat in the stands. 

The weather was a bit windy and the balloonists were waiting to see if they would be able to fly. Originally, tethered balloon rides were to be offered (75' in the air) for $15/person. But the windy conditions caused this to be cancelled.

The Applebees balloon (Gary Cass) was the first to begin to prepare for the glow. And then the second balloon, Legacy (Jason Elkins) began to inflate. 

The Applebee balloon deflated as it was just too windy. Legacy was fully inflated for a time but also decided it was too windy (and therefore dangerous). 

A third balloon, Deviation (Dan Walsh), attempted to inflate for the glow as well.

In the end, the balloon pilots did a coordinated burner show, since the weather did not cooperate with the original plan. It was lovely!

While this event was a bit of a bust, we still enjoyed people-watching and enjoying the beautiful weather here in Yuma. We did not stay for the fireworks, although most of the families in attendance did. Better luck next year on the Balloon Glow!

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