Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lake Havasu State Park, 11/05/2015

Today we hiked the Mohave Sunset Trail at beautiful Lake Havasu State Park. This park is located on London Bridge Road very close to Campbell Cove RV Resort, where we are staying. As the name suggests, the park is located along the scenic shoreline of Lake Havasu. 

There are beautiful beaches, nature trails, boat ramps, and camping at this park. The trailhead for the Sunset Trail is at the edge of the parking lot 2 near the boat launch.  

It is a 1.5 mile (each way) trail with an easy rating (perfect for us!) It winds through the lowland desert and along the shoreline of the lake. And dogs are permitted on this trail (but not in designated beach areas). 

Here's a view of the boat launch/dock area. The palm trees trees are not indigenous to this area but many have been planted in and around Lake Havasu.

Benches can be found along the trail. This one is under a huge mesquite dry and provide a lovely, shady respite. We came across several rocky beach areas where Sadie enjoyed a swim.

The diverse life that exists in the desert here can be seen at the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden.

There is a nice picnic area next to the gardens. Below are some of the plants found here: saguaro, Joshua tree, ocotillo, Baja featherduster, desert lavender bush, and teddy bear cholla.

We came across a lovely marsh area where cattails grow in abundance. 

Lots of waterfowl can be seen here as well.

We came upon this white sand beach and another picturesque cove along the shore. 

After we returned to our car, we drove over to the replica Cape Hatteras lighthouse located on the shoreline of the lake. It is approximately 1/3 the size of the original and has a solar light. As all of the other replica lighthouses here, it is an operational, navigational lighthouse for boaters on Lake Havasu.

Admission to Lake Havasu State Park is $10 for day use (additional cost for campsites). Because we have an annual AZ State Park Pass ($75), it covered the cost. Because this park is so close to us, we will likely visit it a few more times before we leave the area. For additional information about this park, check out their website.

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