Monday, October 6, 2014

Alien 51 Travel Center - 10/06/14

After our visit to Amargosa Dunes today, we were traveling south on Highway 95 and stopped at the Alien 51 Travel Center to fuel up the Mini Cooper.

This place is literally in the middle of nowhere, between Las Vegas and Reno. These are the signs that you come across on highway 95 through the Amargosa Desert when approaching the travel center.

While I waited in the car with Sadie (our doggy), John went into the convenience store to grab some gatorade and snacks. The desert experience at Big Dune was so intense, we needed some refills!  While I was waiting for him, a state trooper pulled up. Somehow that seemed very apropos.

Painted neon green, there were only a couple of "alien things" and some souvenir t-shirts in the store. Mainly, it is just a convenience store.

In additional to the gas station and convenience store, there is a fireworks store, picnic area, and brothel (only in Nevada, right?)  The brothel is owned by the same guy that owns the one featured in HBO's show, Cathouse.

We didn't venture into the pink building, so I can't provide any commentary on the brothel.

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