Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ships Passing in the Night, 9/03/2016

This morning our friend, Greg, sent us a text message to confirm when we would be in NC. He drives a car carrier and passes through the NC frequently. He and his wife, Jeanne, live in West Chester, PA, and have been friends for years. We last saw them when we were there in July, 2016. 

We responded that we were in Pigeon ForgeTN. He was at a standstill in traffic on I-81 (two hours due to an awful accident) and would be in NewportTN, that evening. We realized Newport was only about 30 miles from where we were staying. We made  plans to meet for cocktails and dinner several hours later.

Greg wanted to say hi to our dog, Sadie, so we took a walk out to his truck. It's a beauty! Can you believe all of the cars on that trailer?

John and I enjoyed catching up with Greg about our families and travels. It's so fun to unexpectedly see someone you know on the road!


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