Monday, April 25, 2016

Coyote Lake, 4/21/2016

After visiting Rainbow Basin, we decided to explore the surrounding area (by car) for a bit. Using google Maps, I saw that there was a large lake (Lake Coyote) to the east of our location. As we drove along Irwin Rd, we saw a huge sandy area where the lake was supposed to be!

Of course...Coyote Lake is now a dry lake bed that measures approximately 6.2 miles by 3.6 miles. We took Mother Lode Road in an attempt to get as close to the lake bed as possible. Much of the area is private property. We found a deserted area to park the car and took a hike out to the expansive wasteland.

It was evident that cars had driven on this portion of the lake bed. I had just commented to John that it seemed like a fun place to drive fast and recklessly (if I were a teenager again, that is).

But, for the most part, the ground is dry and cracked. 

I saw a mound in the distance and continued deeper into the lake bed to check it out. Strangely enough, there is a cross and memorial in this remote setting.

That speck in the distance is John walking towards the mound. 

Numerous meteorites have been found in the lake bed, but, sadly, we didn't find any!  Tours are offered by an enterprising organization that owns a portion of the lake bed property. Filming has occurred here for several commercials and a movie. Check out their web site for additional tour information:

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