Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peggy Sue's 50s Diner, 4/26/2016

The day before we move to a new location, we do a thorough cleaning and organize our RV for travel. We usually go out to dinner so we don't have to clean up the kitchen. Our last night in Barstow, CA, we went to Peggy Sue's 50s Diner in nearby Yermo, CA, right off of I-15. 

The original diner was built in 1954 and was revamped by Peggy Sue and her husband, Champ, in the middle of the desert halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Peggy Sue was in 100 films and commercials and her husband worked at Knottsberry Farm. Buddy Holly and the Crickets wrote the well known song, Peggy Sue, about her! Peggy Sue and Champ moved to Yermo in 1981 and opened Peggy Sue's in 1987. Their extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia is displayed throughout the establishment. 

In addition to the diner, there is a 1950s dime store/ice cream parlor and gift shop.

We ate in the diner but there are multiple dining rooms. I had the Patti Paige Patty Melt plus a glass of wine and John had Peggy Sue's Special Cheeseburger. Our food was good!

There is also a pizza parlor in the back. The nearby Marine base apparently orders a lot of take out pizza from here, but you can order anything to go from the diner too. Mostly we saw travelers passing through when we were there for dinner.

Strangely enough, there is a "diner saur" park that you can visit behind the establishment. The park has a pond with turtles and ducks. 

The statues are made of sheet metal. And that's John hanging from a rope over the pond (just's not a real person!)

It was a fun night out at a very unique place!

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