Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sadie's Excellent Desert Hikes, 2/21-4/19/2016

Directly across the street from the entrance to Sam's Family Spa on Dillon Road in Desert Hot Springs, is a large desert area with canyons, dry washes, foothills, and trails. We went for a all here about 5 days a week while we were staying at Sam's. 

The views of the mountains are spectacular. 

Our sweet doggy, Sadie, loved exploring this area and ran around off-leash lizard hunting, jackrabbit chasing, and generally enjoying every moment of every walk. This is how she got lizards to run from bush to bush. She never caught one, of course, but it sure was fun for her!

And here she is chasing a jackrabbit. They could fly like the wind and Sadie could not catch them either! I never was quick enough to catch a photo of one of the jackrabbits, though. 

After climbing up many of the foot hills (some quite steep) in the area, Sadie proved to be as sure footed as a bighorn sheep! While I would take a breather halfway up, she would be running up and down the trail ahead (or behind) us. 

John carries water for all of us. Fortunately his big hands provide a good drinking bowl for Sadie when we are on the trail!

There she goes again, sticking her head directly into the bush! We kept an eye on her though as we were concerned about what she might find in one of the holes there. We did not see any snakes although it was time for them to be out and about. 

Here are some of the flowers we saw on our hikes. Every bloom is a treat in this arid environment.

We saw this flag atop a hill and ventured up the trail to check it out. It was a memorial to a Vietnam Vet. Nearby were these other markers as well. 

Cloudy weather brought this lovely rainbow one late afternoon when we were returning from our hike. 

We will miss this place, but not as much as Sadie will!

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