Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Iconic Landmarks: Twin Peaks and Lombard Street, 5/14/2016

Two prominent hills known as Twin Peaks provide fabulous views of the San Francisco.  With an elevation of 925', it is the second tallest hill in the city. The road to it is very windy, but well worth the drive.

We were there on a Saturday and did not have a problem finding a parking spot, although I can see that this is likely an issue at the peak of the tourist season in San Francisco. First we enjoyed the views near the parking lot. 

Then we took a small trail to a higher vantage point on the hill behind the parking area. Even though the trail is not well-maintained, the view is even better from this location and provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. 

Check out the many commercial ships in the San Francisco Bay. And, of course, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge can be seen at the entrance to the Bay from the Pacific Ocean from Twin Peaks.

Acting just like all of the other tourists In San Francisco, we had to check out Lombard Street. We drove down the steep, beautiful, and famously curvy road!

There were many tourists on Lombard Street above, below, and along this residential section. Most were transported there by tour buses as there is very little parking in the area. We just drove through and can now say we have seen it! No, thanks, though...I would not want to park every day on that hill, although the houses had garages as do most of the residences in this section of town.

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