Friday, May 6, 2016

Provisioning for Yosemite Visit, 5/04/2016

After staying in the small town (population 2,600) of Three Rivers, we had depleted many of our basic supplies (food, paper products, wine, etc.) Before reaching Groveland, CA (population 600) near the entrance to Yosemite National Park, we wanted to stock up on everything we needed for the next week or so to avoid shopping at the costly small-town markets.

The largest town we were passing through en route to Yosemite from Three Rivers, was Merced, CA. While John was driving I did some online research to find a good grocery store that was relatively close to CA 99 and with a big enough parking lot to accommodate our RV with car in tow. Yelp reviews are very helpful! Raley's seemed like the best grocery store, but also the most expensive and not convenient to our route through Merced. Finally, I came upon a FoodMaxx, conveniently located with great reviews. 

We met a lovely young employee there, Vivie, who was so very sweet and very helpful. She had seen us pull into the parking lot as she was gathering shopping carts to return to the store. While we were shopping she could tell that I was trying to locate some items. She asked what I was looking for and took us to the aisles to find them very helpful when you are in a large grocery store for the first time!  

When we were checking out, Vivie also bagged our large order. After we had unloaded our bags from the shopping cart, she again came to help us out by returning our cart to the store. We were so impressed with her great customer service skills, that we gave her one of our cards so she could follow our blog, keep in touch, and snapped this photo. 

This is just one of the fun aspects of full-time RVing...meeting wonderful, special  people! I am quite confident this beautiful young lady has a very bright future.


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