Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Slick Rock Recreation Area, 5/01/2016

A short distance south of Three Rivers is Lake Kaweah, a reservoir that was created when the Terminus Dam was built. There are several recreational areas along the river and a camp ground at Horse Creek. We had driven past the lake when we arrived in Three Rivers on April 27. 

Because the National Parks do not permit dogs on any trails, we decided to do some hiking in the Slick Rock area. Admission is $5/vehicle for the day and is a self-pay/registration process at the entrance. 

Our doggy, Sadie, was anxious to jump in the water as soon as she saw it! We found the scenery here very beautiful. 

We hiked to the northern end of the Lake. The reservoir is full in April and May and then drains to provide water to various parts of Calfornia in subsequent months. 

Following the path north towards the Kaweah River, we encountered these birds. John saw the screech owl's ears in a large nest in the distance. The downy woodpecker was perched atop a tree near the river.

I loved these tiny purple flowers that dotted the grassy meadow. We climbed down to the river where I just had to stick my feet into the very cold, swift-running water. 

As we continued north along the river, we were treated to the sight of a group of whitewater rafters. Sadie was intrigued by them as well. 

At first I just wanted to take a picture of this tree because of the unusual roots. When we got closer, however, I realized that these rocks were wedged into the root structure apparently when flooding occurred along the river). Pretty crazy!

Visiting this area was a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. We saw many families swimming, fishing or boating. You never know what you might see and exploring unknown areas are proving to be so much fun. 

I did not find much information about this place online as we discovered it when we drove past it on our way to Three Rivers. They do, however, have a Facebook page or you can google Lake Kaweah. 

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