Monday, May 30, 2016

RV Repair Update One - The Good News, 5/27/2016

The good news is that the problem with our RV (that was towed on Thursday to a shop in Eureka, CA, because the engine would not start, even after a mobile mechanic replaced the starter and verified that the battery was fine) is related to the air conditioner! {Okay, I know that is a run-on sentence! My high school English teacher would give me an automatic F for that...) 

What the heck??

We heard from Leon's Car Care Friday night that they had cut the belt for the air conditioner and the engineer cranked. They were able to pull into a bay in their garage. Yay!! The work to repair the air conditioning (and anything else they may find) will not begin until Tuesday or Wednesday due to the holiday weekend. 

We were very happy to hear that there is not an engine problem (but then again, how could there be on an engine with only 18,000 miles that had routine maintenance?)

Nonetheless, we are enjoying the northern coast of California and the incredible Redwoods National Park. The rental unit we are staying in at Azalea Glen RV Park is working out very nicely for us. Tomorrow we hope to learn more details. 

Thanks for the sympathetic comments from fellow full-timers!

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