Sunday, May 22, 2016

Turtle Bay Exploration Park, 5/19/2016

Our first day in Redding, CA, I wanted to find their visitor center to get some information about things to do in the area. I had a few things on my list already, but I have found that the people at local visitor centers provide the best advice. Google Maps gave us the wrong location first, but then we got directions to it at nearby Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Turtle Bay is a museum complex along the Sacramento River that "interprets the relationship between human and nature." There are lots of things to see here including:
  • botanical gardens
  • natural history and science museum
  • camp for nature, history, and science education programs
  • seasonal animal programs

The Sundial Bridge was at the top of my list for sights to see in Redding. It connects the north and south campus of the 300-acre Turtle Bay Exploration Park spanning the Sacramento River and opened July 4, 2004. Some interesting story facts about this work of art and technical marvel:
  • 24,000,000 = dollars to build
  • 3,200,000 = weight in pounds
  • 4,342 = feet of cable
  • 2,245 = glass panels
  • 2004 = year opened
  • 700 = feet long
  • 219 = lights (let by)
  • 217 = feet tall
  • 23 = feet wide
  • 11 = years to build

Santiago Calatrava's bridge design is a working of the largest in the world. The arc is so large that only four hours a day are easily visible. Markers for the sun dial can be seen in the grass. The shadow cast by the tall bridge pylon marks the time and moves one foot per minute. Very cool.

There are no bridge supports in the water to avoid any impact to the ecological systems of the Sacramento River here.  

Our doggy, Sadie, and the Canadian geese enjoyed the river.

The McConnell Arboretum & Botanical Gardens opened in 2005. It comprises 20 acres of the 300-acre Turtle Bay Exploration Park. There are lots of beautiful sights to see here. And it was great that we were able to bring our doggy, Sadie, with us. 

Pyramids by Paul Rideout (2008)

Sounds of Water by Betsy Damon (2004)

Mosaic Oasis by Colleen Barry (2004) 

Just a few of the beautiful flowers we enjoyed here.

A couple of beauties in the butterfly garden

Groups of children, families, couples and individuals were enjoying the beautiful weather with us when we were here. This is a beautiful urban park along the Sacramento River. We will likely return to see the museum and forest camp if we have the time during our stay. 

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