Monday, May 29, 2017

Fun with Andrew, 5/15-5/22/2017

Our last visit to Concord, NC, was last September for the first birthday of our grandson, Andrew. This past week we spent time with him and his parents, Zach (John's son) and his wife, Rachel. Now 18 months old, we had such fun seeing how much he has grown and learned in the last 6 months!

Andrew went right to his Gramps when we arrived. He loves books, especially the about Trains, and we both had fun reading to him.

While Zach cut the grass in the back yard, we had fun playing with Andrew. As you can imagine, he is constantly on the go! John was already showing him how to climb a tree (which Sadie also found pretty entertaining).

Andrew is already pretty darn good at shooting hoops, although half the fun for him is crawling underneath his playset to find the ball.

He stayed with us at the motor coach one afternoon and was so much fun. He did some sweeping and then Gramps spoiled him with a popsicle. The little guy really likes hats and eventually fell asleep in John's arms wearing one of his baseball caps.

And here is the happy threesome! 

We are already looking forward to our next visit!

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