Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blog Update - #2

I am really enjoying the ease of use of Blogger!  Following are some updates:
  • Photos:
    • We are using Photobucket to store our photos.
    • I can upload them from my iPhone or iPad.
    • The photos are inserted in a post by using an URL link.
  • Template/Layout:
    • I experiemented with various simple templates provided by Blogger.
    • With a few updates, we selected the one shown now.
    • The layout option is great for re-arranging and/or adding widgets (again provided by Blogger).
  • Labels:
    • I had been identifying each post into a category all along.
    • The category is defined in the "labels" section of each post.
    • Now I am listing our posts by Label and I think this helps readers to find items of interest. Do you agree?
Do you have suggestions for us to improve the usability of our blog?

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