Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reid Park Zoo - 1/10/15

Yesterday we visited the Park Reid Zoo that was established in 1967. It's a 24-acre. non-profit, zoo operated by the city of Tucson with approximately 500 animals.

We were very pleasantly surprised with how nice this small zoo is. There is an interesting array of animals here and the habitats are quite nice, especially the elephant area.

Here are some of the ones we enjoyed seeing.

Black bear.
And his mate.
Vibrant-colored macaws.

Bizarre-looking giant anteater. That's his head on the right...

Galapagos tortoise.

Jaguars stalk and ambush their prey and eat over 80 species of animals.

Big yawn by one of the jaguars (these two are brother and sister).

Baird's tapir, with prehensile snout.

Capybara, largest rodent averages 100 pounds but one that weighed 175 has been found in the wild. They are closely related to guinea pigs.

Dwarf caiman.

Lar gibbon, adapted to live in trees but has no tail; this is one of the smallest apes.

African spotted neck otter. What a cute little fellow!

African lion, loved seeing this majestic creature.

Check out one of his three cubs (born in 2011) looking up at his dad.



Aldabra tortoise - Herbie weighs 500 pounds and has been at the zoo about 50 years. They are not sure how old he is, as he is one of the very few animals at the zoo that was found in the wlld. He gets very excited when it rains or the keepers spray him with a hose.


Southern white rhinoceros.

Peacock ... they could be seen all over the park.

Sarus crane is the tallest flying bird. They dance to attract or impress their mate.


Elephants..fantastic habitat for these huge beasts.

The baby was adorable but I could not get a good shot!

We really enjoyed our Sunday afternoon at this zoo and were glad that we decided to visit. Admission is $9/adults and $7/seniors. Our Tucson Attractions Passbook Savings had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon (that book has really come in handy!)  Check out their web site for additional information and hours of operation.


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