Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Day in Trinidad, 5/29/2016

The park where we are staying, Azalea Glen RV Park, is about 5 miles north of the small coastal town of Trinidad (population 367 in 2010 census). We drove south on CA 101 to the beach where we were able to find free public parking.

It was surprisingly chilly on the beach (we came prepared), but we spent a couple of hours exploring area with our doggy, Sadie. As with other beaches we have visited here, the rocky shoreline is so enchanting (but dangerous for boating). 

The tide pools here are full of sea life. It takes some patience to scramble over the rocks and a sharp a eye to find some of the wonders here, but that's what makes it so much fun! 

There were lots of anemones and starfish of various shapes and colors. 

And mollusks thrive on many of the rocks here. 

The pounding surf and wind have created many interesting rock formations. We all (including Sadie) had fun exploring them!

From the beach we climbed the hill to the loop Trinidad Head Trail. There are spectacular views of the beach, Pacific Ocean, and Trinidad Bay from the trail. The ship in the lower right corner of the second photo gives you an idea of the size of the rocks along the coast here.

This cross replaces a wooden one that was originally placed here in 1775 when the Spanish Navy first visited Trinidad. The inscription on the cross is "in the name of King Carlos of Spain." 

There are both commercial and recreational boats in the Trinidad Harbor

A quick stop at the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse was the last place we wanted to see today. There was a Memorial Day service being conducted at the lighthouse including a reading of the names of the individuals from the area lost at sea that was well attended by the local townspeople. 

The view of the bay from the lighthouse is just amazing. What a picturesque setting!

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