Monday, June 13, 2016

RV Repair Update ... The Last Chapter, 6/08/2016

To recap: our motor coach broke down May 25 as we were pulling into Azalea Glen RV Park in Trinidad, CA. It was towed on May 26 by Humboldt Towing who did an awesome job ( to Leon's Car Care (the only place we could find in the area that could repair it and had a place to put it - 30 miles away). 

The repair work was completed on June 6 (yay!) and we picked it up around 5 pm from Leon's ($3,500). Everything was working great and we drove back to Azalea Glen RV Park. We had planned to stay there for two more nights (in the motor coach) while we moved our stuff from the rental unit we had been staying in there. 

We completed all of the hookups and discovered that our refrigerator was not working ... In any mode (electric or propane). When we looked up the error code being displayed, the manual said it required repair by an authorize Norcold dealer. My first thought, oh dear, how long is this going to take??

I called Norcold customer service in the hopes of locating an authorized repair person in this somewhat remote area! lol and behold, there was a guy in McKinleyville, a very small, nearby town. Better yet, he operated a mobile repair service. When we called him Tuesday morning, he said he could not make out until late in the day (like 8:15 pm). Unbelievable! We said that would be fantastic. True to his word, he arrived around 8 pm, resolved the issue in about 20 minutes, billed us $65, and, viola, it was fixed! (Williamson Mobile RV Repair707-616-4672)

We moved the food from the freezer/refrig in the rental unit to the motor coach Wednesday morning, and headed out to Crater Lake, the next stop on our itinerary. We had to juggle a few dates with out reservations, but no problems with that. 

I cannot even tell you how well we slept back in our own bed in our own little home. And how happy we were to be back on the road again...not that we didn't love this part of Northern California, but it was time to move on.

Huge thanks to the Leon's Car Care ( team who sorted everything out, kept us informed, and got the job done!

Our RV insurance policy paid for the towing and our lodging while the motor coach was in the shop. The rest of the expense was out-of-pocket. Oh well, these things happen. We met lots of really nice people and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful Redwood National Park and many state parks and beaches in this area of Northern California. 

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