Friday, June 17, 2016

Hikes to Waterfalls near Prospect, 6/10/2016

There seem to be waterfalls all over the place near here. Wanting to spend some time hiking with Sadie, we planned to visit three of them. First we traveled north on OR 62, continuing onto OR 230, to the turn off (well-marked) to the trailhead to National Creek Falls

Located in the Rogue River National Forest, National Creek is fed by the pumice flanks of Mount Mazama (of Crater Lake) and flows year round. The round trip hike is approximately 1 mile and is identified as Trail #1053. The trail begins at the parking lot and is well marked. The trail has switchbacks that take you down to the creek (and is a bit of a steep climb back up!) 

This is the creek above the falls and the second photo of the pool below the falls.

The National Creek Falls are just lovely. We could hear them long before we saw them. 

We only saw two others on the trail when we were there. We loved the walk through the forest, and so did our doggy, Sadie. 

Our next stop was the Prospect State Scenic Viewpoint to see Mill Creek and Barr Creek Falls (a short distance south of the small town of Prospect). We drove south on OR 230 continuing south on OR 62 to Mill Creek Drive through Prospect. Again, the trail begins from the parking lot and is well marked. It is an easy walk to both waterfalls. 

The hike to the falls is through beautiful forests found here in Oregon. The Mill Creek Falls drop 173 feet and, again, can be heard long before you can see them.

Continue on the same path we came to the multi-stepped Barr Creek Falls. The creek runs through the southern end of Prospect Airfield and then drops over a 60' fall that is obscured by trees. The creek continues to cascade 30' more feet and then, finally, plunges 150' to the canyon floor. The volume of water over the falls can vary widely depending on the season. 

We are thoroughly enjoying our hikes through the lush forests here to see these creeks and falls. 

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