Friday, June 3, 2016

A Victorian Village, Ferndale, 6/01/2016

South of Eureka, CA, about 20 miles is the lovely town of Ferndale. On the way though we made a quick detour to the Loleta Cheese Factory located in the small farming village of Loleta, CA. 

Loleta Cheese is made in small batches using traditional old recipes. You can see the process in action behind glass windows from the store. A wide array of cheeses are made here and available for purchase. Other select items are also sold at the store including crackers, jams, wine, etc. 

Samples are provided for each type of cheese so you can try before you buy. Honestly, all of their cheeses were fantastic. We ended up buying three different kinds (although it was hard to chose which we liked best with such a large selection): Havarti with Herb and Spice (their most popular), Garlic JalapeƱo Monterey Jack, and Smokey Natural Cheddar. Yummy!!

Be sure to walk outside to see the patio. There were many beautiful flowers in bloom. Wine is not permitted, but it's a lovely place to enjoy some cheese and other delights from the gift shop. 

Ferndale is a historic Victorian village that was founded in 1852. We visited the Ferndale Museum that preserves the history of the thriving diary community. 

Featured in the museum are artifacts, furniture, and items that have survived since the town was founded. Many are displayed in room-like settings of the Victorian era.

The player piano is operational (we heard a song!) and the museum has an impressive collection of rolls for it. 

Fully-furnished vintage dollhouses (that light up when you push a button installed on each) are on display. I loved the quilt exhibit as well.  

A telephone switchboard is on display. And, John and I tried out a working crank phones (pretty cool!) 

This Bosch Omori seismograph (c 1900) is still operational and is read every 24 hours. The drum makes one revolution per hour and a needle draws a line on paper attached to the drum (see the readout in the photo below). Movements in the earth causes the needle and line to waver, recording an earthquake. It has recently detected a quake as small as 2.9 and one 7.0 seven thousand miles away! Today, it is a museum exhibit and not connected to a network with other seismographs. It's pretty amazing that this thing still works! 

In an attached room is a blacksmith shop (that is operational for demonstration purposes several times a year) and vintage dairy and farm artifacts

The 15'6" "world's tallest cake" in the photo below was baked and assembled in 1953 to commemorate the Humboldt County Centennial. See the impressive stats below.

After visiting the museum, we drove around Ferndale enjoying the lovely, well-kept Victorian houses with beautiful gardens that can be seen here. The small business area on Main Street also still has Victorian storefronts, some that date from the 1800s. 

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