Sunday, June 5, 2016

Secluded College Cove, 6/02/2016

College Cove is the north cove of Trinidad State Beach and is separated from the main beach (that is near Trinidad Head) by an arch known as The Portal. During low tide, you can walk through the arch to College Cove. 

There is, however, a parking area off of Stagecoach Road (near Trinidad) where you will find a hiking trail that follows the cliffs of Elk Head and provides access to College Cove.

Follow the first trail to the left (with steps on part of the trail) to access the beach below. The return hike is a steep climb in some sections!

First, though, we hiked along the trail to Megwil Point, a very windy location at the end of the trail. There was no access to the cove below from this location. The cliffs here are quite treacherous so be careful!

On our return hike, we stopped a moment at the College Cove overlook that provides gorgeous views of the beach below.

We spent the afternoon here relaxing in the sun, exploring the shoreline, and playing with our doggy, Sadie, in the surf. We only saw a few other people here during the day. 

I have become a little obsessed with exploring the tide pools as these anemones and ochre starfish are pretty darn amazing. How they survive totally submerged in pounding surfing for half the day and then exposure to the air with no water the other half seems impossible. And yet they thrive here and other areas along the coast.

In addition to the rocks in the sand on the beaches here, I find the forests so beautiful (and different from the East Coast beaches). 

The rocky island with trees growing on it is named Pewetole Island and also separates the 2 coves of the main beach and College Cove. 

A guy brought his pet parrot to enjoy the beach...a little crazy, right? He did say the parrot enjoyed the forest more than the beach (not surprising). 

Check out the people sitting in a tree enjoying the view. Can you find them in the first photo? 

This is our favorite beach, ever! It is reportedly a clothing-optional beach, but we did not see any nudity during our two visits here. And we saw several families here as well. It is just a very relaxing place, shielded from the wind, and, well, beautiful.

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