Friday, June 17, 2016

Friends and Rattlesnake BBQ, 6/13/2016

We travelled north from Prospect, OR, to our next destination, Springfield, OR. Knowing that a colleague (Cathy) from my corporate days lived in the area, we got in touch and made plans to hook up for a visit. Over the years of working together, we became personal friends, as well.

We agreed to meet at Rattlesnake BBQ in Dexter, OR. This is the original Dexter Lake Club building that was featured in the 1978 comedy, Animal House. It was the scene where Boon, Pinto and Flounder found their favorite music group, Otis Day and the Knights singing "Shama Lama Ding Dong."

We arrived early so we could have time to make introductions (Cathy had never met John, and I had never met her husband, Allan, either) and visit. We had dinner (the BBQ was excellent), drinks, and great conversations!

Here's a shot of Allan, Cathy and me. In the second photo I love the expressions on the faces of Allan, Cathy, and John in this photo. Allan, "these women are too much'; Cathy, [laughing out loud]; John, "I agree with Allan and snap the d*** picture."  

We took a peak in the bar area although weekend evenings are when there is the most happening here. Toga parties are also, reportedly, held! There is also an outdoor patio and live music is sometimes featured.

It was overcast during our visit, but the Dexter Reservoir is a lovely site from the restaurant. 

We followed Allan and Cathy to their place in Pleasant Hill (about 5 miles away). What a treat. Sadie got to run around and we got to see the beautiful property. There are beautiful trees and plantings all around the place. 

They have raised cows in the past and may chose to do so again in the future. Love the red barn and other things around the place!

Of course, Sadie chased Miss Kitty and she ran up a tree (poor thing). She could beat the crap out of Sadie...but refused to engage. Cathy reported that Miss Kitty decided to come down a couple of hours after we left.

Allan has a very cool man cave in a separate building from the house. Here's a peek inside. 

What fun. It's always a real treat for us to see friends in faraway places during our travels!

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