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Naples Museum of Art, 12/20/2016

Artis-Naples is home to the Naples Philharmonic and the Baker Museum (aka Naples Museum of Art), an upscale center for the performing and visual arts in Southwest Florida. 

We came to visit the Naples Museum of Art, but not knowing where we were going, we entered through the lobby of the Naples Philharmonic Theatre (which is gorgeous!). Founded in 1982, approximately 140 orchestral and chamber concerts are presented each year as well as opera and ballet performances. Internationally recognized guest artists are hosted here each year. The ticket prices are comparable to NYC Broadway productions (and more). 

There are four art galleries in this Philharmonic building and other works of art displayed in various locations. The first piece we saw was one of the three Dale Chihuly glass installations in the complex: an untitled red Chandelier (2000) comprised of 1,200 pieces of blown glass; 20' tall and 12' wide; and, weighing 2,000 pounds. Gorgeous!

We continued to the Baker Museum (admission $10/adults). It is a 3-story, 30,000 square foot museum with 15 galleries with world-class exhibitions. The entrance gates are design by Albert PaleyTim Read created the sculpture, Apollo (1999), that is on the grounds of the museum.

Origami in the Garden is presented by Artis-Naples and the Naples Botanical Gardens (we only saw the pieces at the Artis-Naples complex). The exhibition runs from October, 2016, to April, 2017.

Recognized for creating pieces that capture the delicate nature of paper in beautiful sculpturesKevin Box (b 1977) has become known worldwide. He works closely with renowned origami artistsfabricators, and engineers to design his unique painted, metal sculptures. Origami is an ancient art form using a single sheet of paper to fold into a design of an animal, flower, etc. 

Hero's Horse (2014)

Flying Peace (2013) Emerging Peace (2016

Something Out of Nothing (2016)

Some of Box's sculptures showcase the complex patterns on the paper when it is unfolded

Butterfly Unfolded (2015) Phoenix Risking, Unfolded Crane (2013

Iron Butterflies in the Garden of Eden (2013)

Here are two tiny origami pieces folded from a dollar bill by Michael G. LaFosse.

Dollar Bill Teddy Bear (2016) Dollar Bill Dolphin (2016)

In the courtyard between the theatre and the museum were these two pieces. The first is another sculpture by Kevin Box and the second is a a bronze sculpture by Hanneke Beaumont (Dutch, b 1947).

Stone Paper Scissors (2013).               Bronze 73 (2014)

The Robert IndianaNow and Then exhibit is on display from November, 2016, to May, 2017. 

Indiana (b 1928) is known as "the Man Who Invented Love," due to his design originally created for a postcard for the Museum of Modern Art. This is a very recognizable work of art worldwide. His graphic design pieces are distinctive, simple, and somehow quite beautiful. 

Following are some additional works on display by Indiana that we liked.

HOPE (2012)                                    Seasons of Hope (2012)

SHE (2013) HE (2013)

ART (2013).                                         Artist's Alphabet (2016)

In the lobby of the Baker Museum is the second Dale Chihuly piece, Icicle Chandelier (2000). It is made of 1,000 pieces of blown glass, weighs 1,000 pounds, and is an impressive 35" tall.

The American Impressionism 1870-1940 exhibit is at the museum from November, 2016, to Mar, 2017, and showcases 100 paintings from the Bank of America collection. Following are some of my favorites.

Childe HassanOld HouseEast Hampton (1917)

Birger SandzenFarm on the Smokey (1941)

I loved the beach scene and colors in this painting by Gifford Beal.

Garden Beach (1925)

Below are two scenes from NYC in the early 1900s. The first is by Gerrit A. Beneker and the second by Felicie Waldo Howell

Building of Manhattan Bridge (1909) Wall StreetThe Noon Hour (1925)

Ernest LawsonConnecticut Trout Stream (1920

The third Dale Chihuly installation is his Persian Ceiling (2001) that consists of 600 pieces of blown glass. It is stunning!

The Olga Hirshhorn Collection (September, 2016 to July, 2017) consists of 400 works created by some of the foremost Modern and European and American artists. She and her husband, Joseph, were close personal friends with many of them including Picasso, ,de Kooning, Georgia O'Keefe and others. Below is a painting of Hirshhorn by Elsa Dorey Upham (1979) and a bronze bust of her by Abel Chretien (1966).

Here are some we from the collection. 

Collection of paintings by Fernand Leger (c 1955)

Man RayShakespearean EquationTwelfth Night (1948) Kenneth NolandPi (1962)

Joan MiroCartones Ed571/1200

Picasso Ceramic Exhibition (1969)

Pablo PicassoWoman in a Hat (1934)

The educational resource center has an extensive library of art books. 

And the museum gift shop has unique gifts and displays. You can even purchase some small Chihuly pieces here. 

We returned to the Naples Philharmonic theatre to see some of the additional displays there. Pieces by Russian-born, Louise Nevelson (b 1899) lived most of her life in NYC. She is recognized as a pioneer of installation art. Most of her work was painted black, but these pieces are complex environmental sculptures of white-painted abstract wood elements. 

There are two additional exhibits at the Philharmonic: Jacque Fresco100 Years of Vision and Oskar Kokoschka and Alma MahlerA Tragic Love Affair. The Fresco exhibit showcases his creative, ideological and scientific legacy. He describes himself as a "social engineer and industrial designer." His 100th birthday was in March of 2016.

This is the design of his urban plan for the future. Other concepts are displayed in the circular, second floor gallery.

Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) was an artist, poet and playwright met Alma Mahler (widow of composer Gustav Mahler) in 1912. They had passionate and volatile love affair that Alma ended after just three years. Lithographs depicting the emotional peaks and valleys of his relationship with her are displayed in the exhibition.

Located on the second floor of the lobby is this exquisite miniature reproduction of the imperial coach used by Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia at the coronation in 1896. It was completed in 1993 by master goldsmith, Ruven Perelman (b 1950).

We thoroughly enjoyed the impressive collection of fine art on display at this museum and in the Naples Philharmonic. This post, of course, represents only a fraction of what you can see here. For additional information about events, exhibits, educational programs and hours of operation, see their website (

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