Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Origami in the [Naples Botanical] Garden, 12/23/2016

This exhibit by artist, Kevin Box, "tells the story of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding." The sculptures positioned throughout the garden were created by Box and his wife, Jennifer, in collaboration with world-renowned origami artists Robert J. Lang, Te Jui Fu, and Michael F. LaFosse

There are a total of 30 sculptures on display at Naples Botanical Gardens through April 23, 2017. A map with the location of each piece is provided at the entrance to the garden.

We had seen some of Box's work at the Baker Museum, also in Naples, but most of the sculptures here are on a much larger scale. Here are some of the ones we particularly liked.

Crane Unfolding          Rock Paper Scissor

Master Piece

Painted Ponies

Flying Folds          Folding Planes

Paper Navigators

Rising Cranes

Emerging Peace          Spirit House

Light Boat          Balancing Act

Gathering Peace

Miniature-sized works by Kevin Box can be purchased in the Garden Shop located near the entrance/exit of the Naples Botanical Gardens. 

For additional information about the artist, Kevin Box, see www.outsidethebox.com. For more information about the botanical garden, see www.naplesgarden.org.

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