Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sunset at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, 8/03/2017

On the southern part of Mount Desert Island (about a half hour from the Woodlands KOA) is the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. One of the iconic scenes on MDI, we headed out to see the sunset from there.

On the way we drove through Southwest Harbor and stopped to take a couple of photos of the boats there. 

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse marks the entrance to both Bass Harbor and Blue Hill Bay. The original tower was built in 1858; the fog bell and tower were added in 1876. Constructed of brick, the tower is only 38' tall but well positioned on a rocky cliff.

The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse Trail is at the end of the parking lot.  After a short walk through the forest, there is a series of steps down to the rocky point. 

Lots of people gathered on the rocks to await the setting sun. The moon and mist rolling in over the water were just lovely.

Our doggie, Sadie, did some boulder scrambling with us (she is very sure-footed!) and made new friends as she always does.

Below are views of the lighthouse (and surrounding area) as the sun set over the rocks and sea. 

We climbed back up the trail for an up close look at the light house. 

It was automated in 1974 and is managed by the US Coast Guard. Also shown is a bell that was to warn ships during foggy conditions. We could see the fog rolling in at dusk. 

As we were driving back to the RV park, we saw this beautiful view of Bass Harbor. 

As we continued north on rte 102, we suddenly saw Somesville Bridge. I had no idea it was along our return route to the campground.

I had seen many photos of this archedwoodenfoot bridge that was built in 1982 by Dr. Virginia Somes Sanderson (in memory of her grandfather). It is located at the northern end of Somes Sound in the village of Somes (the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island) and is next to the historic Selectmen's Building (1780). 

This southern part of Mount Desert Island is as beautiful as the rest of the coastal areas. We were glad that we spent a little time here and probably should have planned for more. 

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