Friday, November 21, 2014

Desert Trails Hiking - 11/20/14

Today we went hiking for several hours in the Sonora Desert here in Tucson, AZ. One of the fabulous aspects of the RV park we are staying at is that there are several trails that are accessed directly from the park. Therefore, no driving to get to a is only a short walk from our site.

The property of Desert Trails borders the Tucson Mountain State Park, so we can continue hiking to the mountains there. Today we hiked a couple of miles to learn more about the terrain here.

There is much more vegetation here in the Sonora Desert than the last desert where we hiked, the Mojave Desert. Of course, there is more precipitation here and that's what makes the difference. Not knowing much about deserts previously, we have found the diversity amazing.

Sadie loved the opportunity to run off-leash and explore a new place!

Can you find her in this photo?

But she did get some thorns in her paw. John took care of it and she continued romping all over the place undeterred.

Four stages of a saguaro: small.


Arms can start growing when the saguaro is 75-100 year old, but some never sprout any at all. They are then called spears. The saguaro cactus can live to be about 150 years old. Their beautiful white flower is Arizona's state flower. Unfortunately, for us they bloom in May and we will not be here then.
Dry river bed.

Our neighbor at the RV park is an avid mountain biker and rides 10-20 miles a day on the trails here. We saw him on the trail.

We will definitely be spending more time hiking in this area. It's like having an entire state park in our backyard. Perfect!

Here is link to Tucson Mountain State Park:

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