Friday, March 20, 2015

Colonia del Rey RV Park - 2/18/15 to 3/20/15

Rating 1 on a scale of 5

Location:  The location of this RV park is probably the only thing I really liked about this place. It is very close to SPID (South Padre Island Drive) providing easy access to downtown Corpus Christi as well as Padre and Mustang Islands (the beaches). Also, the excellent grocery store, H.E.B; Wells Fargo Bank; and US Post Office are all very close. Very convenient.

Lot size: While we had a pull through site that was quite easy to access. it was only level for a portion of the lot. Where we parked the car was pretty steep. Also, our neighbors were quite close. We didn't really spend much time outdoors here just because the lot was not very conducive to enjoying the outdoors. While we had a nice lot compared to others, we were near the dumpster (convenient for us but also unattractive).

Amenities: The laundry room had great dryers but very little table space for folding clothes. Also, this place advertises a pool and hot tub. The pool (small) was closed for repairs and the hot tub did not have any jets (and zero privacy). The hot tub was open for the first few weeks we were there, but then it was also closed. Wifi was terrible (never was able to use it). Each night I connected to it but never was unable to back up my iPad the entire month we were there.

Cost: This is the primary reason I give this place such a low rating.
  • When I originally called and made reservations for a month at this RV park, the estimated monthly cost for a premium site is advertised as $415-$505 plus electric. 
  • They told me they only had a weekly site available (all monthly sites were occupied/reserved)), but would move us to one when it became available. Therefore we would be charged the weekly rate of $200 until we could move to a monthly. (I should have suspected something at this point.)
  • About a week before we were scheduled to arrive, I sent an email to ask if any monthly sites were yet available. The answer was no, not at this time.
  • When we arrived and I checked in, the weekly rate had increased from $200 per week to $220 (rate increase effective the previous day). I asked if my longstanding reservation and email of the week before did not qualify us for $200/week. The answer was no. If we had paid in advance it would have been $200 week but because we did not, the price went up. (Hmmm, maybe they should have told me that I could pay in advance due to a pending price increase.)
  • Then, we found out that there were no monthly lots available for the time we were here. And I now realize they knew that all along, but failed to inform me of this.
  • The summary is: We ended up spending $880 for the month here when I had originally expected to pay $500 + electric. Ripoff!!! Definitely NOT worth it.
  • In addition to the rate BS above, the ladies in the office never provided us with any information about activities in the park. There was no calendar provided; you were supposed to wander into the rec hall to find out this info. Generally speaking, I do not really care about this, but most other RV parks are so much more welcoming to their guests. 
  • We had mail shipped from our US Mail provider in FL to us at this RV park. I had checked with the office first to assure that it was okay to accept mail here. 
    • The first mail shipment that I requested was delivered in 3 days, as expected. We received some other mail that we needed and I scheduled a second shipment to us at this RV park. 
    • After three days, I checked with the office, no mail for us. 
    • I checked every day thereafter, and, mysteriously, our mail had not arrived. 
    • I called RVMail...they had definitive information that the mail had been sent to this address and told us that they would let us know if was returned to them. 
    • I repeatedly (daily) asked the ladies in the office if there was any possibility our mail was placed somewhere else in the office. The answer was: no, no way, impossible, each time I asked.
    • Thirteen days after the mail was sent to us, someone from the office delivered it to our RV site. It had been misplaced in the RV park office at least 9 days.
    • Believe me, I was appreciative to get the package 13 days later, because there was some stuff in it that I needed. But, seriously, maybe they should have checked a week earlier to see if it had been misplaced due to their mismanagement!
General Comments:  We will not be going back to this park. Generally, I do not like the way the place is managed nor the general atmosphere. This is the first and hopefully only negative RV park review I will ever write. Apparently many people have been going to this park every winter for years and some live here full time. You may have a more positive experience here as the location is great for seeing the sites in Corpus Christi, a beautiful coastal region. If you make reservations and plan to stay for a month, assure that you really will be paying the monthly rate and not get stuck paying the weekly rate for the entire month like we did.


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