Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rockport (TX) Harbor - 3/17/15

We had heard about the lovely coastal town of Rockport and decided to take a drive (about an hour from where we are staying in Corpus Christi) to check it out today.

In 1866 James Doughty and Richard Wood identified this harbor as a safe place to ship cattle. They constructed a livestock shipping wharf and used it to ship supplies into the area and ship the livestock out. When the railroad arrived in 1888 it helped create a boom for Rockport's thriving seafood industry.

The Rockport Marine Lab and aquarium are situated at the harbor (although the aquarium is only open Thursday through Sunday, so we did not get to visit it).

We enjoyed walking around the marina. It always makes us a little homesick for our 36' Trojan Sport Fisherman yacht that we sold when we started full time RVing ...

The Rockport Center for the Arts is located in a building that was once a Victorian home. Their outdoor sculpture garden has some lovely marine-related pieces. This one was the centerpiece...loved it.  Return of Ancient Wisdom, Leo E. Osborne

Rites of Spring, Kent Ullberg; Off Port Bow, Sandy Scott

Sadie and I enjoying the sculpture garden.

Rockford Beach...the water was shallow and warm. Great for kids and Sadie liked it, too!

Little Bay...a nursery bay for marine and waterfowl.

The World's Largest Blue Crab, 27' x 25'.

Random photos of flowers we saw in the area.

After exploring the harbor area, we headed for the Texas Maritime Museum that is located neaby. After all of the rainy weather here, it was wonderful to enjoy the outdoors at this beautiful location.

Check out their website if you are interested in additional information about Rockport.


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