Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Angel Oak (St. John's. SC) - 5/20/15

When our visit to Fort Sumter fell through due to weather, we had the time to see Angel Oak. This Live Oak is unbelievable large with many, massive branches the dip down to touch the ground. At first sight, it really just took my breath away.

The twists and turns of the huge trunk are amazing to behold.

It is believed to be the oldest living thing, 1,500 years old, east of the Mississippi River. The height of the tree is 65' and the circumference is 25.5'.

The largest limb is 11.25' in circumference and 89' in length.

Imagine...this tree was alive 1,000 years before Christopher Columbus came to North America. Ownership of the land can be traced to 1717. It has survived hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and humans! There was severe damage caused by Hurricane Hugo, but the tree has recovered from it.

The property is now owned by the city of Charleston and there is no charge to see it. There is a small gift shop and sweetgrass baskets for sale at the location.

If you visit Charleston, SC, this is a must see!!!

Website: www.angeloaktree.org

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