Monday, February 22, 2016

Black's Beach (La Jolla, CA), 2/10/2016

Black's Beach is the largest nude beach in the US. It is part of the Torrey Pine State Beach in a secluded section along the Pacific Coast beneath 300' bluffs. The clothing-optional part of the beach begins about 100 yards south of the trail leading to the Torrey Pines Gliderport and continues north for about 1.1 miles. 

Free parking can be found around the Gliderport although the lots are usually packed. We finally found a spot on the north side of the Gliderport and walked south to locate the trail down to the beach.  

This is a steep, rugged trail down the 300' cliffs that is maintained by the local nudists in the area. There are signs posted by the city of San Diego warning that the cliffs are unstable. Nonetheless, we made our way down to the beach far below.

We found a nice spot about 100 yards north of the trail where we settled in for some sun and fun. The beach here is just gorgeous. Visitors are warned, however, not to sit too close to the cliffs as there have been some serious incidents of cliff cave ins.

Wanting to go in the water (as it was a hot, sunny day), the Pacific is so darn cold that I only went in up to my knees! We saw some folks take the plunge and there were others walking along the beach or sunbathing (mostly males, though). Here's a photo of our shadows!

The Gliderport was not too busy on the weekday that we visited the area, but we did see one while on the beach.

Be sure to bring water to help you climb back up the steep path! We had a picnic lunch on the beach so were well prepared.

For information about the location, etc., of the beach see

There are also two websites, both members of The Naturist Society, that provide additional information about the clothing-optional aspect of Black's Beach: and

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