Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunset at Pacific Beach, 2/04/2016

After a busy day at the San Diego Zoo, Amanda (our daughter visiting from Chicago) and I drove to Pacific Beach (about 4 miles from our RV park) to enjoy the sunset. 

We walked to the end of the Crystal Pier (first constructed in 1927) where these two photos were taken. 

We were surprised to see the number of surfers still trying to catch a wave at dusk (it was pretty darn chilly!) 

It was wonderful to share this beautiful sunset with Amanda.

The Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages can be seen in the evening light below. The hotel consists of historic Cape Cod cottages and suites built on the pier. It originally opened in 1930 and has had a varied history. Today the cottages have modern amenities, private patios, and a parking space. Staying here is described as "sleeping over the ocean." I wonder how long these wooden structures will survive, but what a unique hotel experience it would be to stay here! 

The pier is open to the public from morning until sunset. Then a security gate permits only hotel guests on the pier. If you want to learn about the hotel, check out their website. 

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