Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunset at Mission Bay Park (San Diego, CA), 2/13/2016

Next to the Mission Bay RV Park (where we were staying) is the beautiful Mission Bay Park. It is a 4,600-acre city park (half land and half water) with 27 miles of shoreline. Annual attendance at the park is approximately 15M where visitors enjoy bike and walk paths, boat docks and launching facilities, playgrounds, basketball courts, and more. 

Dogs are permitted before 9 am and after 4 pm during the winter months, so we spent many evenings on the path along the shore with our doggy, Sadie. 

On this day we had heard motorcycles all day long at the park. When we went for our walk, we saw that the Royal Aces Motorcycle Club was holding their annual picnic here. There were police in various locations in the area, and here is a shot of members of the club in front of the San Diego Police who were monitoring their party!

Here are some pics of the sunset over the water. 

I loved the pink hues in the sky and on the water after the sun went down. Just beautiful.

For additional information about the park, check out this website:

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