Thursday, February 11, 2016

Family Visit, 2/02/2016

Today we finished straightening up the RV and did our laundry in preparation for the visit from our daughter, Amanda, who lives in Chicago. John really enjoyed rocking to the music at the laundromat!

Amanda flew into LAX from O'Hare and spent several days with her dear friend, Sarah, who lives in Long Beach. Who knew these two Penn State alumni would be seeing each other fifteen years late on the West Coast! 

Sarah gave Amanda a good feel for the California life-style while they enjoyed writing some songs, the beautiful sunsets, and reconnecting after not seeing each other for years. I hadn't seen Sarah since Penn State where they were both in the theatre program. It was wonderful to see her happy and well. We drove from San Diego to pick up Amanda (two-hour drive) and spent some time visiting with Sarah as well. Her cat, Holly Would, is a little sweetheart from Lancaster County, PA.  She is a Scottish Fold, a breed with ears that fold forward giving them an owl-like appearance. They are unusually loving companions. 

On our drive home we stopped by an In-N-Out Burger for a bite to eat. When Amanda participated in the Rose Bowl Parade in 2001 with her high school band, In-N-Out Burger donated burgers to all who completed the 7.5 mile parade route. She was anxious to have her next In-N-Out burger 15 years later! The quality of this fast-food place was surprisingly good (we had never eaten at one).

We are so happy to have our daughter visiting us! Since we began full-time RVing, this is the third time she has met us (Las Vegas and New Orleans were the previous two locations). We always have a busy itinerary with her as she loves to see the local sights as much as we do.

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