Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset at Mission Beach (San Diego, CA), 2/06/2016

Amanda and I went to well-known Mission Beach to see the sunset after our day of sightseeing at the waterfront. Each sunset over the Pacific brings its own special beauty here in San Diego.

Belmont Park is a historic oceanfront amusement park that first opened in 1925. Seeing Zoltar reminded me of the Tom Hanks' movie, Big

Amanda convinced me to ride the Giant Dipper, the original, wooden roller coaster that opened with the park in 1925. Of course, she picked the back seat for us and rode the whole time with her hands in the air. I used to do the same, but after the first hill and had to hold on for dear life. There are lots of sharp twists and turns making for a rough, but fun, ride. I used to enjoy roller coasters more than I do now...clearly, I am not as young as I used to be!

The Liberty Carousel is an antique reproduction and was lovely in the evening light. 

Tickets are sold for individual rides ($6/per for Giant Dipper and $2/per for carousel), but wristbands also be purchased for unlimited rides on all of the attractions at Belmont Park.

Of course, we had to check out the arcade, Lazerblast, and played some games. 

We drove to Ocean Beach (nearby) for dinner at Hodad's, a very popular joint that boasts the best hamburgers in the world. They have two additional locations in the San Diego area. There is usually a line, but it moved pretty quickly when we were there. 

The definition of a "hodad," is "a non surfer who frequents surfing beaches pretending to be a surfer." There are clearly lots of those folks around San Diego beaches! The front of the restaurant opens onto the sidewalk. The walls are decorated with surfboards, skateboards, license plates, and a mishmash of other stuff. 

We were seated at a high-top table and enjoyed our burgers and drinks (beer and wine) along with the great service. We ordered a dinner to go for John who was back at the motorcoach with Sadie. 


It was great spending time with Amanda. We only see her a couple of times a year and it is always fun when she visits, although also very busy!

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