Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset Cliffs (San Diego, CA), 20/06/2016

The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a 68-acre city park that runs 1.5 miles along the western shore (Pacific Ocean side) of the Point Loma peninsula in San Diego.

We found a parking spot (free) along Sunset Cliff Boulevard although there are also parking lots further south. There is a sidewalk/trail along the cliffs, although there are many warning signs to avoid getting too close to the edge. In fact, some areas are fenced off due to large cracks in the cliffs caused by erosion. 

Expansive ocean views and the dramatic sandstone cliff formations and caves makes this a popular location to enjoy the sunset by both locals and visitors. 

We arrived in the early afternoon and spent some time exploring the beach accessible via a somewhat treacherous, rocky path. There are other beach access points further south with steps. There were lots of folks enjoying the beautiful, warm weather on the beach. 

Climbing over slippery rocks and walking through the intertidal pools led us to these caves formed by the surf pounding against the cliffs. Very cool!

We returned to the top of the cliffs and continued south on the walkway and trail along the coastline. The islands in the distance in the first photo are part of Mexico. 

Several hammocks In a grove of trees were a lovely location for an afternoon snooze.

The intense orange coloring of the cliffs and homes during sunset was gorgeous. 

I love this photo of Amanda and me!

I selected these two photos of the sunset because of the plane on the horizon in the first and the surfers bobbing in the surf on the second one. They looked like a pod of dolphins or seals out there!

Ahhhhh, our Mother Earth is so very beautiful.

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