Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial, 2/07/2016

The 43' foot cross (erected in 1954) at the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial can be seen all over San Diego. 

The memorial pays homage to veterans who have honorably served our country. The brick walls of the walkways have granite plaques purchased by loved ones to honor and memorialize veterans. 

Recently displayed plaques are seen in the photo below. There are many spaces still available for additional plaques. Plaque order sheets can be found on-site. The cost is based on size and range from $1,800 for 16"x8" to $950 for 8"x8". 

Plaques represent recognition for individuals, war veterans groups or multi-name family members that are veterans. The plaques typically describe their war record; what they did in service to our country. 

Amanda found an application that provided a directory of the plaques, so we were able to locate some of the well-known individuals who are memorialized here. There are artists...

Some were presidents...

Some were well-known military leaders...

Some were married couples....

One had my maiden name (but we don't think he is related...)

Regardless of whether you have any interest in the war memorial here, Mount Soledad provides the best panoramic views of San Diego County.

John and Sadie in a contemplative mood enjoying the fantastic view in this serene setting. There were lots of other folks here on a sunny Sunday. If you visit San Diego, this is a great place to see the lay of the land. 

Additional information about the war memorial can be found at www.soledadmemorial.com.

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