Friday, October 7, 2016

Girls' Weekend at Lake Lure, 9/22-25/2016

Many months ago we began planning a getaway weekend for a group of friends from high school. Most of us had only seen each other at our 20th and/or 40th high school reunions in Charlotte, NC. I flew in from PA to attend both of those events. We graduated from South Mecklenburg High School in 1971 and have stayed in touch via Facebook since the 40th reunion. 

Our trip was planned to coincide with our visit to Concord, NC, in September. Originally, six of us were planning to attend, but in the end two had to cancel. So four of us met at The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa (about 25 miles from Asheville, NC). The other three were from Spring Hope, NC (Marsha); Raleigh, NC (Amy); and Fort Mill, SC (Cynthia). Here are some pictures of the Inn. 

Since I was the first to arrive Thursday afternoon, I took a stroll around the hotel and surrounding area. Most of the movie, Dirty Dancing, was filmed here. These two cabins (available for rent) are named for the star characters, Johnny's Cabin and Baby's Bungalow

The hotel lobby is filled with antique music boxes that are just fascinating. Be sure to check them out if you are in Lake Lure. Here are a couple of them.

For additional information about this historic hotel, see their website at

There is a beachfront park across the street from the hotel on the lake. I walked along the boardwalk to the marina and park where a picturesque pavilion is often the setting for weddings. 

Lake Lure was formed when a dam was completed in 1926. With 27 miles of shoreline, the lake is 720 acres and 90' deep. The primary source of water for the lake is the Rocky Broad River. I loved the rocks visible along the shore. 

There is a very nice Visitor Center near the marina with various displays about local history and lots of brochures about the area. 

Our first night we met in the lobby for dinner and cocktails at the Moose & Goose Bar. Cheers to our friendships since junior high school...50 years!

We spent the rest of the evening (and much of our time over the weekend) catching up on each other's lives in Amy's suite. Friday morning we all had appointments at the Allure Spa for a massage, facial, or both. I had a deep tissue 80-minute massage that was really fantastic! Everyone else reported the same about the service they had. For information about their services, see

As a tribute to JanMarie (a dear high school friend who died not long ago) and Ann (Betsy's mother who died last Monday), Amy brought a balloon that we released in memory of them both. The circle of life just keeps on turning...

We gathered once more at the Moose & Goose where we had become friends with Margaret, our excellent bartender.

Friday night we had dinner at La Strada, a highly-rated Italian restaurant nearby. Positioned on a hill overlooking Lake Lure, it was a beautiful view.  To check out their menu or make reservations, go to

After dinner, Marsha gave us these gift bags (with 4 CDs with songs from our junior high and high school years and her delicious lemon fig preserves). The photos are from our senior yearbook (ugh!) John and I have been listening to these CDs since I've been home...they're great! 

Amy gave us glass angels with our birthstones (mine is hanging in a window of our RV). And Cynthia gave us each beautiful necklaces that will forever remind us of this wonderful weekend at Lake Lure. 

On Saturday, we went to Asheville, NC, for some shopping, a short visit with Amy's son and his family, and lunch. We drove to ScreenDoor, a unique shopping venue with garden and home accessories from various vendors (100+). We all enjoyed browsing through the large space. I think everyone purchased something except me (we have very little space in our motor coach for decorative items!) 

There is also a bookstore at ScreenDoor with a wide array of home decor, garden design, cooking, and children's books that are 50% off retail prices. 

The best part is that we got to meet Lillian, Amy's 6-month old granddaughter! What a beautiful little girl!

You can check out ScreenDoor online at

We had a late lunch at the Red Stag Grill in the fabulous Grand Bohemian Hotel at the Biltmore Village in Asheville...a short distance from the ScreenDoor. Described as a "rustic-chic" restaurant, we enjoyed our cocktails and meals (although Cynthia had to swap her Long Island Ice Tea [way too strong] for a Bloody Mary [that Marsha and I ultimately drank]). 

On Sunday we had the buffet brunch at The Veranda restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation if you want to eat here, as wedding parties frequently gather on a Sunday morning at the restaurant. A very popular wedding venue, the Lake Lure Inn hosted two weddings the day before (Saturday).

If you have ever considered a girls' (or boys') reunion weekend with old friends, DO IT! I can't even tell you how much fun we had catching up with each other again. The friendships we had as teenagers are still strong despite the many years that have passed. We all are very happily married and our husbands were all supportive of our adventure (which made it all the sweeter!) Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Amy, Cynthia, and Marsha! We hope to do it again...

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