Thursday, October 6, 2016

Andrew's First Birthday, 9/17/2016

We have been anxiously looking forward to meeting our grandson, Andrew, in person and celebrating his first birthday in Concord, NC, for the past year! Our stay in Concord revolved around spending as much time as possible getting to know him and, of course, seeing his parents, Zach and Rachel. Andrew took to John (Gramps) right away! These photos are from the first time they met the other the day we arrived in Concord.

Rachel and Zach are blessed with such a sweet and happy baby! Andrew is walking (or I should say, running) all over the place; climbing everything; and has fun throwing balls, and generally keeps everyone on their toes trying to keep up with him!  

His first birthday party was held at home Saturday afternoon with lots of friends and family in attendance. Rachel displayed photos of Andrew for each month of the last year. And Aunt Michelle made this very cool sign about Andrew's first year. In keeping with the Star Wars theme, he wore a shirt that said "Obi One Kenobi" (so cute!) 

His birthday cake and the piñata followed the same theme.

Andrew loved his new activity center that his parents got him (and provides plenty of climbing opportunities). Also shown is his sweet cousin and best buddy, Ella.

There were so many gifts that Andrew had some help opening all of them! The last two photos are of Andrew with Great Aunt Kathy; and, close family friends, Dan and Victoria

Rachel's extended family were with us to celebrate Andrew's birthday, too, of course. Below is his grandfather (Dominic), great-grandmother (Grammy), and Great Uncle Mark; Aunt Michelle and Grammy. I love this photo of Andrew with his grandmother (Ellen)!

Andrew enjoyed eating his cake and we had fun watching him!

Andrew got lots of nice new clothes for fall and winter weather. Rachel began sorting through them after most of the guests had left. 

Andrew also got this very cool Radio Flyer wagon and a sand box that he seems to be enjoying very much!

We were so glad we were able to be with the family for this very special day. What a fun party! 

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