Sunday, April 23, 2017

Return to Tate's Hell State Forest, 4/21/2017

Our third visit to Tate's Hell State Forest was to visit two other areas of the forest, the Ralph G. Kendrick Boardwalk (#6 on the map below) and the Cash Creek Day Use Area (#10). 

Our first destination was the Ralph G. Kendrick Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk is about 6 miles on sandy roads from Highway 98, but well worth the drive. A tree-lined road leads to a parking area near the boardwalk.

Canals on both sides of the road had gorgeous water lilies. Check out the spider on the close up photo of the lily.

There is a large dwarf cypress forest here that is amazing. Many of the trees are over 150 years old but only grow to about 15tall (due to the harsh conditions). 

The observation tower at the end of the boardwalk provides great views above the top of the trees

Next we drove to the Cash Creek Day Use Area (some sandy roads and then paved ones). There is a public boat ramp here and a dock that extends out into the creek a short distance.

This the most beautiful part of the forest we have seen thus far. There is a large picnic shelter with grills located near the water. 

I always find these crazy root structures of the trees on the water fascinating. 

We spent some time exploring the area and enjoying the quiet beauty of the creek and the pine flatlands. Sadie loved it here, too! There was a nice breeze in the shade of the large pine trees. 

For additional information about Tate's Hell state Forest, check out their website at

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