Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy 33rd to Amanda, 6/25-6/29/2017

Amanda spent her birthday, 6/25, at home in NYC, but came to stay with us Monday night through early Thursday morning. Yay! It's a rare occasion when she has time off from work. 

Tuesday we decided to visit one of our favorite local museums in the area, the Brandywine River Museum where the Andrew WyethA Retrospective exhibit was on display (www.brandywine.org).

We started on the first floor (the Andrew Wyeth exhibit is on the 2nd and 3rd floors of this small art museum). Here are just a few of my favorite paintings we saw there.

                           Howard Pyle Anna May Robertson "Grandma" Moses
The Nation Makers (1903)             Sugaring Off Maple (1943)

James PealeStill Life with Fruit on a Tabletop (1825)

N.CWyeth (1882-1945) father of Andrew Wyeth, was one of America's greatest illustrators. The Brandywine River Museum has an extensive collection of his Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and many other paintings.

Self-Portrait with Pallette (1909) The Hunter (1906)

Treasure Islandendpaper illustration (1911)

Jamie Wyeth (b 1946), son of Andrew Wyeth, is a well-known artist in his own right. Below are a few of his paintings that we saw. 

Portrait of Pig (1970)

Angus (1974) Frolic (2017)

Andrew Wyeth: A Retrospective exhibit celebrates 100 years since the birth of the iconic American artist. His paintings are of the people and places near his home in Chadds FordPA, and the coast of Maine where he spent summers. Here are a few of our favorites (in no particular order)/

Pentecost (1989)

Christina Olson (1947) Maga's Daughter (1966)

Black Velvet (1972)

Siri (1970) Indian Summer (1970)

The Carry (2003)

Below is Andrew Wyeth's appropriately named, last painting before his death at age 91. It is rarely seen on display.

Goodbye (2003)

Be sure to take a stroll outside along the Brandywine after touring the museum. 

Several sculptures can also be found along the river walk.

J. Clayton BrightMiss Gratz (1984)

Andrew Harvey, Helen  James Welling,
                 (1989)                                    Gradient (River Walk), (2015)

After a quick visit to see Staci (step-daughter) in Downingtown, we headed back to the RV park. We walked around the park where Amanda enjoyed the large slide and our sweet doggy, Sadie, had frisbee fun! After dinner we all enjoyed family time around a campfire at our site. 

On Wednesday, Amanda and I had lunch at long-time friend, Becky's place. She has designed and built a lovely, solar-powered, home on about 3 acres of land in Chester County...such a nice place. For dinner we went to Mark and Eileen's for a seafood feast. The food was fantastic (Dungeness crabs, shrimp, steamed clams, steamed mussels with side dishes). Thanks to James for hooking us up with the fresh, yummy seafood. Amanda got to meet her two nieces, Evelyn and Addison, too!

Thursday we drove Amanda PHL for her 8:45 am flight to Houston, TX. Visits with Amanda are always action-packed and go way too fast

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