Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kwahadi Kiva Indian Museum - 6/07/14

The museum is housed in a replica Pueblo Indian kiva (underground ceremonial chamber). It features extensive Native American exhibits and a dance performance theatre.

The exhibits in the museum are of the Native people of the Plains and the Southwest.

Ceremonial headpieces.

Antique eagle feather bustles.

Plains fancy dancers.

Ceremonial masks.


Navajo rug collection.

Sioux fully beaded vest - 1895.

Comanche hide shirt colored with yellow ochre,

Apache girls moccasins.

Turtle shell shakers.

Photo of Navajo - 1890.


Alaskan grizzly.
High Plains - bobcat.

High Plains - wild turkey.


Bronze sculptures by Tom Knapp.

Paintings of ceremonial dance.

Teepee frames.

Very interesting and unique artifacts at this museum.  Admission is $5/adults and $4/seniors.  They are open Thursday-Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm.

A major part of this museum is a unique youth performance group named the Kiva Dancers. They perform a colorful pageant of song, dance and stories of the America Indian. The group performs regularly scheduled shows at the Kiva and also performs nationwide. Unfortunately for us, the summer schedule starts next week after we depart the Amarillo area.


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