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Grand Canyon, Geology Museum - 9/06/14

Located at the Yavapai Observation Station, the Geology Museum provides interactive displays about the geological history and composition of the Canyon. Built on the edge of the South Rim, it provides spectacular views of the Canyon through the large observation windows.

The original museum was dedicated in 1928.

I particularly liked the floor-to-ceiling model of the Canyon's rock layers and the three-dimensional relief map. (The only thing better than a paper map is a 3-D map!)

Several well-known landmarks can be seen from this location. Below are two progressively closer views of the location of the Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Canyon (in the patch of green trees middle left in photo). The only way to reach the Ranch is by mule ride, hiking, or rafting on the Colorado River. Also shown is the 400-foot, Trestle Bridge over the Colorado used by the mule train to reach the hotel.

Trestle Bridge (right)

The photo below is of Plateau Point, the end of the Bright Angel Trail, six miles below the South Rim (can you see the trail starting at the left of the photo?) The Colorado River is approximately 1,500' below this point in the Canyon.

From the Museum walking west on the Rim Trail is the Trail of Time, a walking timeline has been designed to help visitors explore and understand the magnitude of geologic time relative to the Canyon. It starts near the Geology Museum and ends 1.3 miles near Verkamp's Visitor Center. Eventually the Trail will extend all the was to Maricopa Point to the west.

There are interpretive information panels along the Trail that explain the 70-plus geologic layers of the Canyon.

Some of the layers of rock are exhibited along the trail.  Branded spring deposits.

Lava rock.
River-polished rock.

Following are some additional views of the Canyon from the Rim Trail (shown below).

Rim Trail (that runs for miles along the South Rim).


Views of the Canyon along the Trail of Time.

Sadie loves exploring the trail with us!

Admission to the Geology Museum is free. Admission to the Grand Canyon National Park is $25/vehicle for a 7-day pass. John's senior pass gets us in for free.


A "Virtual Trail of Time" can be found on-line at the following link:

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