Monday, August 15, 2016

Bear Creek Rendezvous, 8/13/2016

When we checked in at Mark Twain Cave Campground on August 12, we learned that the 2nd Annual Bear Creek Rendezvous was being held here on August 13-14. 

Our doggy, Sadie, was able to accompany us, but not until John gave her a stern talk about good behavior.

In the past fur traders and mountain men went to where tribal peoples gathered to trade goods. This event is is an open air market with vendors of Native American goods, vintage early American items, and food plus primitive demonstrations, Native American drums, flutes and dancing. 

Here are some of the sights:

Teepeebow-maker, and Native American toolkit of old;

Costumed pioneers and fur traders;

John always enjoys checking out the antique rifles of the late 1800s; and

Native Americans played traditional songs and danced in a circle surrounded with hay bales for seating. 

Following the signs and path in the nearby woods, we came to an area where volunteers were hosting shooting (with black-powder muskets), archery (with Native American style equipment), and hatchet throwing. It was fun to watch and lots of people wanted to give it a try. Arrow making is underway in the second photo.

People of all ages participated (after signing a release form, of course). Here a couple of archers and a hatchet thrower (who was pretty darn good!)

When we returned to the main area, there was Aztec dancing. Their feathered costumes were pretty amazing. 

Because we are staying in the campground, we were able to walk to the event. Activities continued throughout the day. It was fun! This has become an annual event, so you may want to check it out in August of 2017. 

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