Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sioux Falls Scuplture Walk, 8/06/2016

While at the Visitor Center at Falls Park, we picked up a brochure about the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk. This is the 12th annual event and features 55 sculptures. Artists from around the world participate with the public voting for their favorite. The sculpture that receives the most votes is purchased and placed on permanent display in Sioux Falls. Most of the sculptures can be seen on both sides of Phillips Avenue in the downtown area of the city. The brochure provides a map of the location of all of the sculptures. 

At first I don't think John (or our doggy, Sadie) were too excited about this urban hike, but he started seeing sculptures that he really liked and we both ended up having fun with this. Also, it provided us with the opportunity to see some of the downtown area. If you're interested, here are some of the sculptures we liked or thought were unique (in no particular order).

Endless Summer by Gregory Mendez and Day at the Park by Lawrence Starck

Desert Big Horn by Pokey Park and Big Flirt by Christine Knapp

Well Mannered by Dale Pettigrew

When Wealth was Pelts by Jerry McKellar and Dawn's Calling by Neil Wiffill

Flying Books by Gregory Johnson and Angel Anchored in the Art Nouvevau by Ben Hammond

Arc of Peace by Lorri Acott and Fruits of the Good Earth by James Maher

Jam'n Eggs by Kimber Fiebiger

Reaching for the Stars by Longhair Xu and Equal to the Pain by Robert Brubaker

River Spirit by Lynette Power and 9-Lives by Steve Bormer

I Walk the Red Road by Al Hone and Weathering Storm by Al Hone

Journey by Heidi Hoy

Echo by Osamede Obazee and Francis by Josie Campbell-Dellenbaugh 

Who Rescued Who? By Lorri Acott and Raven's Voyage by Martha Pettigrew

Here are three of  People's Choice winners from previous years that we also saw during our walk. 

Circle of Friends and Shepherd 


To see all of the 2016 sculptures, go to  Or better yet, go see them and vote for your favorite!

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